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Brand Representation

We work hand in hand with our clients to create a bespoke licensing program that builds on the brands equity. With our extensive network of manufacturers we know who will best fit the requirements of our clients who in turn will produce products that will delight consumers and help build revenue for the long term.

Manufacturer Representation

We recognise that as a manufacturer you are not always sure of how to manage the complex world of brand licensing. At GTL we help manufactures to best understand this labyrinth and guide and support them to best present themselves to brand owners in a professional manner.

Market Consultancy

Having been in business for more than 10 years we understand the ever changing world of consumer taste.To aid the development of our clients strategic licensing plan we work closely with you to undertake quantitative and qualitative customer research to help you understand the market and guide you to where the next opportunity to grow your brand will be.

Approvals Management

We manage the product approval process to ensure accuracy, quality, correct use of corporate identity, as well as managing product samples. Our product approval team work closely with the licensees and brand owners to ensure that every detail is captured in the product. We encourage our partners to use our online global database approval hub. This provides quick and easy tracking of all submissions be it product or packaging for both the licensee and brand owner. We find that this substantially improves communication and approval timing.

Royalty Audit

Performing audits is an integral part of GTL’s services and is typically included in our agency fee. Teaming up with experienced forensic auditors we perform close to 20 licensee audits across our clients’ portfolio each year. This proactive approach has proven very effective not only against the companies that are audited, but also in influencing other licensees to report correctly. Our qualified staff and partners are able to conduct audits worldwide and we have a success rate in excess of 80%.

Trademark Protection

Protecting our client’s brand(s) is an essential part of what we do. We work closely with government agencies, trade show organisers and retailers in order to minimise the number of infringing products in the market place. We attend over 20 tradeshows per year where our teams visit every booth in order to identify infringers. Once identified we take a number of immediate actions that limit the infringers ability to operate.

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