Project Description


During World War II Ferdinando Innocenti ran a steel tubing factory in the Lambrate district of Milan in northern Italy, producing components for the Italian Air Force. After the war Innocenti needed to find a new product, inspired by the Cushman scooters that the US army imported into Italy, Innocenti applied most of the parts that the factory was already producing to motor scooter production, it was a moment of genius that improved the quality of life for many, in Italy and throughout the world. Lambretta became a way of life and a cultural icon.

2017 marked a new era for Lambretta with the launch of the acclaimed V series, and with the X300 and G350 to be released in 2023, the future looks exciting for Lambretta. Today’s Lambretta scooters provide a modern interpretation of heritage, whilst utilising the latest technologies to ensure relevancy to new customers.